Are you being turned down for
jobs and housing because of your
criminal record?  Read on...

 If you have ever been arrested and you
were never convicted or placed on
community supervision, you still likely
have a "criminal record".  No, the record
will not show you were convicted, but
chances are that a background check
might turn up some details of your arrest.  
The arresting law enforcement agency,
county or district attorney, DPS, and the
FBI most likely have some sort of history
documented.  In most all cases, we can
have those records REMOVED

 Petition for Non-Disclosure
 If your case has been dismissed
because you satisfactorily completed the
terms of community supervision (known
as 'deferred adjudication'), there is still a
record of your arrest, the charge, and the
fact that you were placed on community
supervision.  We can SEAL those records,
provided that your case qualifies.  Most
misdemeanors can be sealed immediately,
while others will require that the case was
dismissed at least 2 years ago.  Felonies
require a 5 year wait.  Still, there are some
offenses  which cannot be sealed under
any circumstances.  

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